New Videos

Ayuune Sule - What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do More Better, Made by Dorothea Schuster

A new Zea video, made by Wolf Mulder

Atamina - When Two Elephants Fight

Support from Roskilde Funds

I got some great news recently from the Roskilde Festival, they have selected Makkum Records as one of the initiatives they want to support. This directly means I can release the Atamina album on vinyl! And I started working on a new compilation of music from the North East region of Ghana. I am going there soon! Thank you very much Roskilde Festival and TAK also Peter Hvalkhof, always, for doing great things.

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New Release by It Dockumer Lokaeltsje

The long-awaited album of It Dockumer Lokaeltsje, Tonger, is set for release on 13 October. Here is a video to warm you up:

Komitas album release concert

On Januari 25 Keiko Shichijo will play the Komitas album live, and more, at the Zuiveringshal in Amsterdam West (Pazzanistraat 37). The concert will start at 19:00 and you can also combine it with a meal at Pacific Parc next door. After the concert Zea and Oscar Jan Hoogland will play at Pacific Parc.
Facebook event

New Album: Unfit For These Times Forever by Kanipchen-Fit (CD/2x7″)

Future Funk from the Amsterdam - Amerika line! Look here. And go visit their site.

New Album: This Is Kologo Power (CD/LP)

A new compilation with nine of the best kologo players from Ghana. This is what the music from the North East Region sounds like; catchy, powerful, accoustic dance music! Look here. Download version is at CDBaby.

New Album: The 7″ Cassette by Zea (MC/DL)

New ZEA cassette. A compilation cassette, called The 7″ Cassette, of concealed Zea songs; new tracks, live recordings, B-sides and otherwise. Songs that did not appear on an album before. Look here. Download version is at Bandcamp.

New Album: We Are In The War by Prince Buju (LP/CD) / split with Red Wig

Prince Buju is part of a vibrant kologo scene in Accra based around King Ayisoba’s bar in North Kanishie (a neighbourhood in Accra). Here many kologo players gather in the end of the afternoon and often they play music for each other, visitors and friends until midnight. Prince Buju has a rough and direct voice, singing emotional songs about loss and disaster, about war and hate and he is telling the people that they should realise and change their ways. With only two strings and one grinding voice he cuts through borders and languages and reaches the rest of the world. Most songs on this album come from a tape he released in Ghana in 2011. Listen to four great tracks already here.

New 7″: What A Man Can Do, A Woman Can Do More Better by Ayuune Sule

Ayuune Sule lives in Kumasi, Ghana, and is one of the great kologo players today. He sings in English, Frafra and Twi and one day, when invited for a Women convention, he got inspired and wrote this song. On the B-side you find an other great track called “Who Knows Tomorrow”, a song all the Frafra people from the North East of Ghana all the way down to Accra love to hear. Ayuune Sule has been part of King Ayisoba's band since the beginning and has toured all over Europe playing the sinyaka and backing for King Ayisoba. Usually he supports these concerts with a short solo set on his kologo, and always all the ladies join in and start dancing. Listen here.

2 x 7″: Songs For A Dead Pilot

A Zea cover of the Space Siren song “Who Makes Me Try?” split with Wolvon and two great Space Siren songs on the other 7″ makes a great package and a new release. Makkum Records (MR 14) teams up with Kazwijm and Subroutine for this double gem.

New Zea video: “It's Quiet”

A video appeared on the living room wall...

New King Ayisoba album: Wicked Leaders

Out now: a new King Ayisoba album called Wicked Leaders. Listen on Soundcloud. Buy downloads at CDbaby and you can order the CD, in carbonsleeve stories/artwork, or LP, also with stories/artwork, in the webshop.

New Zea album: The Swimming City

Out now: a new ZEA album called The Swimming City. Buy downloads on Bandcamp or CDbaby and you can order the CD, in carbon box with poster and textsheet/artwork, or LP, also with with poster and textsheet/artwork, in the shop.

New King Ayisoba single: Wicked Leaders

Out now: a new King Ayisoba single called Wicked Leaders. Buy downloads on Bandcamp

Zea / Oscar Jan Hoogland split 7″

Out now: a new Zea split 7″, with Oscar Jan Hoogland. Listen / buy here and buy downloads on Bandcamp.

King Ayisoba on Soundcloud

Stream songs of Modern Ghanaians here. King Ayisoba is coming to Europe next week. Check the SHOWS page for concerts near your house.